WordFox Guide

We provide the most interesting, varied, and challenging word search puzzles on the web. That can mean not all of the games will make sense at first, so this guide will give you the information you need to word search like you have never done it before! Our speciality puzzles are unique and have never been seen before, any others are only copies.


Why is the word search puzzle empty?
The letters are just hidden. It is a Hide and Seek puzzle where you have to click or hover over the letters to get them to show.
Why do the letters on my word search changing?
To keep you on your toes! You have a Scrambler puzzle where every 30 seconds the letters rearrange themselves.
Why are my words-to-find all ????
That is a Mystery puzzle. The words are hidden - you only know how many and how long they are. See below for more details.
Why can't I add more words to my puzzle?
Words are limited by the puzzle difficulty, which controls the size of the grid. If we try to cram in too many words, our computers get mad at us.

Difficulty Levels

There are four difficulty levels for WordFox
The four difficulty levels in WordFox taken from our namesake animal. Difficulty level controls the size of the word search grid, the length and number of the words, and what directions they can go.
  • Pup: This is the easiest level. The grid is small, there aren't many levels, and words can only run left to right and up to down. Words will be 6 characters or less.
  • Nipper: This is a novice level. The grid is 14 by 11 and words can run left ro right, up to down, or down to up. Words will be 8 characters or less.
  • Tod: This is a more difficult puzzle, with a larger grid and more options. Words will be 4-12 characters long and can now be diagonal from left to right.
  • Vixen: Do you have the wiles of a vixen? This is the highest difficulty with the largest grid. Words will be 5-18 characters long and can go any direction.

Puzzle Types

There are four puzzle types for WordFox
We have different puzzle types to keep things interesting! Some puzzle types can present a greater challenge and spice up your word searching fun.
  • Basic: Just a basic wordsearch.
  • Hide and Seek: Where are the letters? This one makes you constantly search for the letters by clicking or hovering over them.
  • Scrambler: Think you are getting close? Scramble time! Every 30 seconds all the letters are rearranged. You get to keep the words you found so far, but have to start over with all the rest.
  • Mystery: What happened to the words? In a mystery puzzle the words are hidden and replaced with question marks. You only know how many words there are and how long they are. The order is scrambled also. You can get a little help, though. You have 6 reveals, which means you can click six of the question marks to reveal that letter in the word. Are you up for the challenge? Keep in mind, just due to randomness, there may be words in the puzzle that aren't your words, and these don't count.
Have a thought for a cool puzzle type? Tell us.


What do you like in your puzzle?
Our categories are just for fun. Would you like to see a new category and word set? We welcome suggestions! To suggest a category, send the name and description with a list of at least 30 words.
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